Journalist, producer and media consultant mixing it up for TV, online, newspapers and magazines. I cover travel, lifestyle, trends, design and people. Mainly. This is the HQ for previous work, and an introduction to current. I work all over the world and live on a farm in Cadiz which I write about intermittently at

Media Consultancy

I provide communications consultancy services for a diverse range of organisations, mainly in the travel and tourism sector.  Recent projects include ESL book editing; rebranding and repositioning a luxury travel brand; overhauling a portfolio of existing media; advising on social media strategy; working with British Airways on a Kuala Lumpur video project; a major editing project for BestWestern.

I also work with Spanish-speaking clients, providing translation and English-language editorial and consultancy services designed to help the best national brands extend their reach to an English-speaking audience. To meet demand for this work, I’ve joined forces and set up a network of qualified editors and translators. Between us, we cover Spanish, English, German and Dutch projects.

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