Journalist, film producer, and media consultant, mixing it up for TV, online, newspapers and magazines. I cover travel & tourism, lifestyle, and design. Mainly. This is the HQ for previous work, and an introduction to current projects. I work all over the world and live on a farm in Cadiz which I write about at

Media Consultancy

I provide consultancy services for many organisations, mainly in the travel and tourism sector.  The kind of work I do is wide-ranging. Recent projects have included refreshing a portfolio of existing media to developing a tailored multimedia promotional strategy, and from a video project (British Airways) to editing a major project for internet (BestWestern). I’ve been working with Spanish-speaking clients, providing English-language editorial and marketing services designed to help them extend their reach to an English-speaking audience.


My background is in print, film and customer publishing. I launched an online media consultancy, and one of the first online travel magazines in the world (The Green Arrow Guide) in 1995.  I developed online strategies for clients including British Airways, Sony Style, and the Central London consortium of Estate Agencies as Editorial Director, New Media, for Premier (now Cedar Communications) and then joined Opodo shaping the editorial content for the travel portal’s pan-European launch. For more work experience details, see  LinkedIn.


Agency is a network of bilingual marketing and editorial professionals, working with clients to create or correct content to a professional standard.
We collaborate in developing brands and marketing messages, working with individual companies and through group workshops (Andalucia only).

We prepare content for publishing in books, brochures, guidebooks, advertising, reports and presentations, as well as for newspapers and magazines, and websites.

We translate existing material into English language copy that is on-brand, clear and engaging, and we edit ESL (English as a Second Language) content to ensure perfect style and tone.


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