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Hyena Men

Photo by Pieter Hugo

Hyena Men (commissioned by five in 2009) was inspired a series of photographs by Pieter Hugo, “The Hyena and Other Men’.

“This film captures the weird beauty and savagery, music, voices and the spectacle of a bizarre ‘travelling circus’ that bewitches audiences. It shows the quieter lives of hyenas, men and baboons as they traipse the dusty roads from town to town.

Hugo: “Response around the world to these photographs has been a mix of repulsion, fascination, curiosity and wonder. Instead of criticizing the hyena men, perhaps we could ask why these performers need to catch wild animals to make a living. Or why they are economically marginalised. Or why Nigeria, the world’s sixth largest exporter of oil, is in such a state of disarray.”

Produced & directed: Andrew Graham-Brown, Research: Adetokunba Abiola, Executive Producer: Sorrel Downer. AGB Films.

This is the HQ for archive features, and an introduction to current projects. See also somewheresville, the travel blog; Vimeo for videos, LinkedIn for skills and contact details, and Joy Soup for multimedia content news, reviews and services offered.

2 comments on “Hyena Men

  1. Michael Evans
    March 31, 2017

    Hi, I was wondering if there were a way to purchase a couple of these Hyena men photos for enlargement to hang as art for personal home use. Please let me know when possible.

    • Minister of Typing
      April 1, 2017

      Hi Mike, the film was inspired by the work of South African photographer Pieter Hugo, who toured with these photos and published a book The Hyena and Other Men in 2008. I don’t have a contact for him anymore, but he – or a gallery, or the publisher – should be quite easy to track down on Google. Good luck.

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