Journalist, film producer, and media consultant, mixing it up for TV, online, newspapers and magazines. I cover travel & tourism, lifestyle, and design. Mainly. This is the HQ for previous work, and an introduction to current projects. I work all over the world and live on a farm in Cadiz which I write about at


I’m a journalist and documentary producer working in mainstream TV, but also in the fast-changing and inspiring wild west of the media world, looking at different ways of funding, sharing and using film. I’m interested in how newspapers and magazines use film online, and see the rise of sponsored content as a good thing, a way to get backing for original, fresh, entertaining films and documentaries.

I’ve been filming, rough editing and posting short videos from the road (Costa Rica & USA) in the somewheresville blog, and I’m in the process of completing an American road project. That’s my showreel above. There are a few more videos over at vimeo.

In film, I started as a freelance fixer and location scout for various Discovery, HTV and BBC productions in Central America (Jungle Book!  Ray Mears’ Extreme Survival!), and went on to work in development, at AGB Films (Hyena Men, Wild Places of Essex which featured that poet of the footpaths, Robert Macfarlane, and was beautifully filmed & edited by Robin Cox & Nigel Buck, respectively, and directed by Andrew Graham-Brown. As head of specialist factual at Icon Films, I was pitching ideas to UK and US channels, but missed the making side of things. I wrote and produced my last documentary, the multi-award-winning  Panda Makers for BBC Natural World, narrated by the incomparable David Attenborough.

I’ve just completed a series of client-funded short videos for a wildlife reserve and jungle lodge, and I’m a founding partner at Marketplace Films, a UK-based company working with top crews and editors to prove the fact that promotional films can be – and should be – high-quality and creative too.

This is the HQ for archive features, occasional thoughts, and an introduction to current projects. I write an ongoing blog somewheresville. For more work experience details look me up on LinkedIn.


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