Journalist and producer based in Spain working for UK press. My focus here is safe travel and tourism in Spain. I also cover current affairs, business, architecture and rural regeneration, and work / have worked for The Guardian, BBC, FT, The Times, Conde Nast Traveller, Business Life, Reader's Digest, Evening Standard.


A USA, Spain, Costa Rica video from the archives. With normal travel freedoms restricted throughout the world I’ve been thinking a lot about joys of unplanned wandering. Or spending time in places that aren’t prescribed destinations so much as the spaces in which other people or other things live. Or travelling through places and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary – foreign supermarkets, local channels on the car radio, signs, daily life in US cities and Costa Rican jungles. Looking forward to setting off again. The major USA road trip was back in 2012 / 2013, but posts, galleries and videos can be found here on the Somewheresville blog.

Travels from Sorrel Downer on Vimeo.

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