Journalist, producer and media consultant mixing it up for TV, online, newspapers and magazines. I cover travel, lifestyle, trends, design and people. Mainly. This is the HQ for previous work, and an introduction to current. I work all over the world and live on a farm in Cadiz which I write about intermittently at


Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 11.08.15Possibly the only reason to travel through the Gorafe desert in Granada is to take a look at the Casa del Desierto. The bleak desert can be extremely hot and extremely cold although, of course, ambient temperatures inside the exposed 20m2 cube keep steady, winter and summer, thanks to the superior thermal isolation technology deployed in the revolutionary glass. The glass box was constructed in its challenging setting as a thorough product test and extremely good sales tool. It’s uncertain how many contracts Guardian Glass have chalked up for windows, but there is plenty of interest from people keen and willing to spend a night in this most exposed and unusual accommodation. An application has been made for a tourism licence; until granted, stays are by invitation only.

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