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Guardian | Huelva Coast

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I wrote a holiday guide to the Huelva coast for The Guardian which I hope will be useful this summer. This is a quintessential, mainly local, family seaside destination with a mix of packed beaches and empty beaches, natural park and small Spanish resort towns. Hot, lovely, and jolly are the three words I could have over-used. Especially popular with city dwellers in Sevilla and Cordoba, this is the kind of destination which families return to year after year, generation after generation; plenty of Spanish decamp here for weeks at a time over the summer. I’m not entirely sure why Huelva isn’t more widely-known though. As I mention, access to the widely differing beaches is really quick and simple from a fast road that runs east-west a short distance to the north, and there are long stretches which follow the coast, with plenty of opportunities to pull-up and park in the dunes. Super-friendly place – and nicely laid out by The Guardian.


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This entry was posted on June 28, 2015 by in Hotel Reviews, Spain, Travel, Writing.

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