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What to pack for a trip to Costa Rica?  Unless you are a diver, or planning on spending two weeks lolling about in the Four Seasons, my list might work for you. Bear in mind that there are 25lb weight restrictions on internal flights.

  1. Day shorts, evening shorts
  2. T-shirt for snorkelling, otherwise lightweight a couple of cotton shirts.
  3. Long trousers for jungle trekking, go for quick dry wicking fabrics. I’m not sponsored, honest, but Rohan and Columbia are both good makes.
  4. Long-sleeved shirt, as above, go for wicking fabrics
  5. Swimwear: bikini for Guanacaste and Puerto Viejo (something more substantial for beaches with rollers) and some super lightweight wrap that will serve as sun, sand and no see’um protection.
  6. Foreign legion style hat with flap at the back to cover your neck. I don’t actually have one, but always think this would be useful. Failing that, any kind of hat.
  7. T-shirt fabric dress. That jungle look doesn’t work in San José.
  8. More socks than you’d expect. You’ll need them for boots, and if you wash them in a rainforest, they won’t dry.
  9. Flipflops. Okay I take two pairs, one fancy.
  10. Rubber boots. If you are staying at a jungle lodge, ask – many provide them, otherwise buy local from agricultural supply shops and markets. Opinion is divided, but aside from being useful for rivers, they offer a degree of snake protection, and I never hike without them. If you don’t fancy boots, do take closed toe hiking footwear of some description.
  11. Ziplock bags for sealing passport and travel documents against damp, and anything vaguely edible against ants.
  12. A wide selection of repellent. Everyone has their theories – and favourites, mine being Jungle Formula roll-on.

See the Holiday Guide to Costa Rica in The Guardian for recommendations on slightly less-crowded must-see destinations

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